Getting To Know The Men Of Modern Family – Who They Really Are

In this article, what we will be doing is to introduce to you the male casts of the show Modern Family that is why if you want to know more about them or if this piqued your interest as you have a favorite actor included in the cast, we suggest that you continue reading till the very end.

Ever since the day Modern Family started in the year two thousand and nine, its success has been highly recognized by various entities, with how receive nominations left and right such as the following: twelve nominations for An Award for Golden Globe, twenty five nominations from Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as eighteen nominations for Writers Guild of America Awards. And surely, there is no way that we can be filled with the men that made up the three varying families of the show, with the geeky Phil, the world-weary and oftentimes mad Pritchett, Jay, and the laid back Cam who is the partner of quirky Mitchell.

The very first male cast of the Modern Family show that we will be introducing to you is Phill Dunphy and Phil is not only known for being a total geek, he seems to be oblivious of the fact that he is one, making him as charming as he can be. He has three kids and based on the show, he is just like one of those geeky and nerdy dad who embarrasses his kids with his gawkiness and quirks. Albeit all that, he still have a special bond with his son Luke who is entertaining and even indulging the preposterous behavior he has. As a dad and a husband, Phil shows his manly side by being protective of his two lovely daughters, Alex and Hayley and doting and spoiling Claire, his wife. Another thing about Phil Dunphy that you should know of is that his profession is being a realtor hence, he is knowledgeable with regards to what makes a good real estate agent.

We move on to the next male character of Modern Family and that is Pritchett, Jay and speaking of him, a typical sugar daddy who is best known for being Gloria’s husband and the one who owns a closet and blinds store. According to the show, Jay is both Claire (the while of Phil) and Mitchell’s (Cam’s partner) dad, and Manny, the son of Gloria’s step-dad. Jay may have an exterior that is tough and can get irritated easily however, behind that fa?ade, he is actually a good man with how he interacts with his children.

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