Air cooler is an electronic device that functions as an air conditioner, which is also able to moisturize the air through the evaporation process. The air cooler can cool the air, and reduce the air temperature to about 5 ° Celsius. This tool can be called as a cooler substitute of the fan. On the other hand, an air cooler can be an alternative or supporting AC (air conditioner). Now you understand a little about what an air cooler is, but let’s discuss it further so that you understand what an air cooler really is.

It should be emphasized that the air cooler is not the same as AC (air conditioner), so that in the function, of course, the air cooler cannot replace AC (air conditioner). To find out the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner, please read the next article.

Air coolers have a small size, and generally, have wheels. So that the water cooler has a high level of mobility, and makes this tool easily moved and carried everywhere. The design of the air cooler is now very varied which presents a more modern, futuristic and minimalist look.

In addition to its relatively mini size, the air cooler is also referred to as air conditioner that does not consume too much electricity consumption such as AC (air conditioner) for example. There are so many ranks of air coolers that can operate using energy below 100 Watt.

Another characteristic of the air cooler is that it is easier to clean and maintenance can be done alone. This tool is also very effective for air conditioning for middle-class people because the price is much more affordable.

Maybe you think like this; “When you look at it, how come it feels like the function of the air cooler is the same as AC (air conditioner)?” But apparently, they are not the same you know! They differ in function, as well as in the way they work.

“Air conditioners may indeed be similar to air conditioners, but they are not the same. Fundamental differences in how they work and function. Where air conditioners cool the room, air conditioners do not cool, but cool the room.”

Air cooling that you might need, air conditioning is basically different from AC (AC). Remember, Hon, the air conditioner is soothing, it doesn’t cool the room. So do not you expect that the air conditioner can cool the room such as AC (AC).

1. Save Electricity Keep Cool

Air conditioners consume less electrical energy compared to AC (AC). Vankool VAB03-EQ for example, Super low power consumption with a cross-flow fan. If you need electricity between 350-1000 Watt, then the air conditioner only requires the energy of 7.4-200 Watt. Only most of you need electricity. So air conditioning is the most appropriate air conditioning solution for you.

For example, using 2 AC (AC) together will be more efficient and effective using 1 AC (AC) and 1 air conditioner. Because the cold air released by the air conditioner will be complemented with air conditioning. The air becomes cooler but still saves electricity.

2. Alternative / Supporting AC (AC)

The air conditioner is indeed not an air conditioner but has the right air conditioner solution that uses 2 air conditioners (air conditioners) at once at home. Where you can use AC (air conditioner) and air conditioner together, without wasteful electricity costs and the cost of purchasing AC (AC).

Moreover, because air conditioners (air conditioners) make air dry and air conditioners make the air moist, it is indeed a suitable match to protect the humidity of the room.

As an alternative, compile you want to improve electricity, you can rely on air conditioning and replace air conditioners. You will still be cool and not hot. If you have AC (AC) at home, it is very good if you also have air conditioning as an alternative or supporting AC (AC).

3. Easy Maintenance

Various household appliances require efficient maintenance to extend the life of the equipment. Especially for an air conditioner that needs special attention so that it can be used for a long period of time. To find out how to maintain your Personal Air Cooler to keep it functioning properly.

Unlike the air cooler which is very easy to maintain. You can do the maintenance yourself. Simply by always paying attention to the water level in the water tank, cleaning the tank and cooling media regularly, then you can avoid various problems going forward. Even if you need the help of a technician, the costs required are relatively cheaper than AC maintenance.

If you’re worried about maintenance, maybe you can feel safer by buying an air cooler from Vankool. Because Vankool air cooler provides a 2-year warranty for all of its products, please check with Vankool.