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The large selection of tiles available can make you confused about which one to choose. The floor is an important part of the decoration. In addition to the design, style or good color, other things need to be considered, namely the quality of the material is one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing tiles. Most choices fall on the type of ceramic or marble. However, if it is tailored to your needs, there are several other materials available at “Stone Depot” that might be more suitable than the two options.

Besides the shape of the swimming pool itself, swimming pool Finishing, especially in choosing the pool floor and wall is also a value of the beauty of a swimming pool. Several factors affect the beauty of a swimming pool. For example, regulating the garden at the edge of a swimming pool. The addition of special materials such as highlighting material (more complete information about material from natural stones can be found at Green Sukabumi Stone Supplier) for example in areas in swimming pools, and so on.

There is one factor that can be an added value for the beauty of a swimming pool, which is how to choose the best swimming pool floor and wall, using beautiful materials from natural stone.

Using Green Natural Stone

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Finishing using natural stone is usually used in swimming pools that show traditional natural beauty but still modern and luxurious. Finishing using natural stone like this is quite popular in many swimming pools in various luxury hotels abroad, such as the use of “Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai“, the use of natural stone is widely used in various hotel designs in Dubai which are known to be very modern and luxurious but present a variety of beauty that also uses a variety of high-quality natural ingredients that have the value of natural beauty and luxury.

The advantages of Green Natural Stone

Looks more character and artistic. Swimming pool finishing using natural stone will cause more unique, natural, luxurious and elegant beauty, as well as many other beauty values.
The surface of the swimming pool with natural stone finishing that is well cared for has a porous texture that makes the surface of the swimming pool floor slippery compared to finishing using other materials.
Installation of natural stone does not require much effort and does not require a lot of expenses for costs.

Tips for Choosing Floors and Walls for a Luxury Swimming Pool