Changi Airport, which is one of the world’s best airports and has been named the best airport several times by various institutions. Changi Airport now provides the latest facility named Jewel in the Changi Airport area, many attractive facilities are provided in the Jewel Changi Airport area, one of which you will hear is Rain Vortex indoor waterfall, the highest indoor waterfall in the world.

The HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel’s Heart

Jewel Changi Airport, located in the center of the airport, Jewel is a place where passengers can wait for transit in unusual ways, or make it the first tourist destination for tourists traveling or doing business in Singapore. Seven grand floors in Jewel Changi will present 280 stores to fulfill all your shopping needs. If you notice, there are many stone tiles in almost all areas of Jewel Changi Airport, do you know that many stone tiles turned out to be lava stones? The actual lava stone used is “Bali Black Lavastone Tiles“, an exotic natural stone imported from Bali, which is also used as a building material as the design material of choice in many famous buildings in the world due to the quality of lava stone which is resistant to various weather conditions and durability over hundreds of years.

What is in the Jewel Changi Airport area? follow the following review.

The Surrounding’s claddings made from Bali Black Lava Stone

Rain Vortex Waterfall

Entering the main area of ​​Jewel Changi Airport, it will be difficult not to see Rain Vortex, the largest indoor waterfall in the world. Right from the center of the Changi Jewel’s translucent roof, you can see the waterfall flowing from the roof of the circular Changi Airport Airport like a gem. At night Rain Vortex will be colored with light that colors the water around the waterfall to create an amazing optical illusion of water and light, this attraction starts around 8 pm until around midnight.

Tracing the Park and the Changi Grass Jewel Maze

Despite having a modern design, Changi Jewel presents a variety of natural natural elements to enjoy, starting from Forrest Valley which presents a collection of more than 3000 plants from various parts of the world, Hedge Maze that makes you get lost in a labyrinth of 1.8 meters tall grass, to Topiary Walk-in where you can see imitations of animals in the middle of a variety of plants.

Satisfying Game Rides

Visiting Changi Jewel means you can also have fun in the game rides. There are various choices of game rides that are spread in various spots in Changi Jewel. You can skate on Discovery Slides with unique tube and slope trimming. And there is also Foggy Bowls, which are designed like a cloud of fog like a cloud. also other rides available there.

If you notice the tiles in the exotic Jewel Changi area made of lava stone, we also provide interesting information if you are interested in knowing more complete information about lava stones, you can find the information in “Indonesia Natural Volcanic Lavastone“.

Interesting Facts of Natural Stone Architecture at Singapore Changi Jewel Airport