Everybody knows that bees are good for the environment because without them we would not have pollination and plants! They are also responsible for all natural honey production in the world. However, bees can be dangerous and sometimes they may infest an apartment, an office or any other property. 

If bees make a hive near any of these places, the people at the residence are at risk of getting stung. Bees are very territorial and will attack anyone they view as a threat. This is why it is crucial to have a professional bee removal service do the removal if you have bees on any property.

Bees tend to make hives in places that do not have a high activity of people. That is why any property manager should be aware of the signs that there might be bees in the property. If an apartment or a residence has been without people for a while, bees could make a hive. They may also make hives in the ceilings of large commercial buildings. They are naturally attracted to open voids that protect them from the elements such as wall voids, irrigation boxes, abandoned bar-b-ques, etc.

Once you suspect that you have bees on the property, the next step should be to call a commercial pest control service to do an inspection. Knowing that, we asked Paul Townsend of AIPM in Simi Valley, California, a professional Pest Control company, what he recommends. Here is a summary of what he told us.

Do not attempt to remove the bees yourself. Do a search online for “bee removal experts near me” and see if they have the right qualifications to do the job.

How do you tell if a company is suitable for commercial bee removal? Well, here are the factors to consider.

Do They Have The Right License?

You need to ask if they have a valid license for bee removal before you hire them. A license means that they are professionals and have the right training to do the job. Bees need to be handled by professionals for the safety of everyone in the building. If there are mishandled they could sting people and you could have a lawsuit on your hands.

Do They Have The Right Equipment?

This is a crucial question to ask the bee removal service. Removing bees from commercial properties needs the right equipment because first, you must ensure the safety of the people and second, if possible, the bees should not be killed. They need to have the equipment to trap the bees and release them somewhere safe.

How Experienced Are They?

Choose a bee removal service that has done the job numerous times. They will be familiar with strategies as well as safety procedures. Their expertise will be paramount in ensuring nobody is at risk and that the fewest bees are harmed.

Finding a Qualified Bee Removal Company