As the well-known statistic proclaims, we spend over a third of our lives asleep. To get the best from our eight hours finding the perfect bed should be one of your main priorities.

There are several things to consider when you are purchasing a new bed. Number one. What size you want. Single, double, king size or even super king size. Secondly, do you want your bed to be the main decorative feature in your bedroom with an ornate headboard or a bespoke carved wooden design? You could also be buying a new mattress to suit your storage needs and may perhaps want to consider a divan that comes with ample storage drawers in the base. These are perfect for storing everything from your spare bed linen to towels and clothes. Find more information about Bensons for Beds here.

If you buy a divan style bed base, it will often come with a mattress along with them, so there are many considerations on what mattress to suit your needs. If you share your bed, do you have to compromise to keep both parties happy? If you decide to opt for just the bed frame, whether wooden, metal, or upholstered, you will then have to think about purchasing your mattress separately. Will it fit in with your chosen bed frame? Does your budget allow you to buy both items separately?

That’s the practical considerations taken care of. You also have to decide what design you want from your new bed, contemporary or traditional? Do you want it to stand out n your bedroom or do you want your new mattress not to attract attention from other objects in your bedroom? A traditional bed frame would more than likely be made out of wood or be more in the direction of the brass bed frame in quite a simple design. A contemporary bed frame would be more likely to adopt a variety of shapes even being round, be upholstered in different fabrics – leather, suede, and come in an array of color options.

One of the best bits of advice that could be given to you when buying a new bed is to try before you buy. This applies even more so when you are buying a divan that also comes with a mattress. If you are just having a quick try of the beds, then the salespeople should have no problem in letting you see for yourself how the mattress is going to support you/feel when you are lying down which is the most essential part!

Another slightly more tedious aspect of buying a new bed is the practicalities of it. Is the foundation you have chosen going to fit in the space that you have available? Are you going to be left with enough room to fit in your existing furniture? A solid chunky traditional bed frame may look fantastic in the showroom or online but try and imagine it in the space that you have available, always take your measuring tape and try not to be led by your heart (too much!).

Buying Your Perfect Bed