Citrus fruit is very beneficial to human body health, vitamin C-rich fruit can make the body become healthier. Oranges are fruits that we can easily get in supermarkets and mini markets.

Citrus fruit is not just one variant, but there are many different types, each of the type of orange has a different taste.

Oranges can be consumed directly without the need to be processed first. But if you do not like to eat directly, then try to process oranges so a kind of fresh juice in accordance with the tastes of each.

In addition to the delicious taste when consumed, it turns the benefits of citrus for health and beauty is also very large. Oranges have the perfect nutritional content and have healthy nutrients for the human body.

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Various Benefits Of Citrus For Health

Lowering high blood pressure

Oranges can lower high blood pressure if taken regularly. This is because oranges contain Hesperidin, Potassium and Magnesium are beneficial lowering high blood pressure.

Prevent cancer

His ability in preventing cancer because D-limonene content in citrus fruits is an anti-cancer compound. In addition to a good source of antioxidant benefits, the content of vitamin C oranges can also combat the formation of free radicals that are the cause of cancer.

Lowers cholesterol

Eating citrus fruit every day can lower your cholesterol levels because the oranges contain Pectin and Hesperidin are beneficial to lower cholesterol levels.

Maintain heart health

The content of fiber, choline, vitamin C, and potassium contained in citrus fruit according to experts both to maintain optimal heart health from various kinds of free radical damage.

Orange source of carbohydrates and calories

Orange is the same as in all types of fruits that have natural sugars in it, but oranges only have a glycemic index of 40. Whatever carbohydrates under the glycemic index 55 are considered low.

Orange keeps the eyes healthy

Eating citrus fruit regularly is believed to prevent macular degeneration in the eye. Nutritional content and high vitamin and minerals can help maintain eye health. So by consuming citrus fruits on a regular basis can help keep your eyes healthy naturally.

Maintain brain function

Citrus fruits provide benefits to your brain because the content of folic acid based on research can help the development of the brain. Folic acid or vitamin B9 in every grain of orange is very important to keep the brain and keep the vital organs in order to optimize the orange also has the content of phytonutrients or polyphenols that can help improve brain memory.

Treating canker sores

Because citrus fruit contains vitamin C and has a high antibacterial compound. Although it feels sore when consumed, the antibacterial and vitamin C content that is able to help cure your thrush disease.

Able to launch and maintain the digestive system

The benefits of citrus for the digestive system is quite large. Because oranges have a high enough fiber content. As we know, fiber is excellent for digesting the digestive system.

Benefits of Citrus For Health